Breeding Rates and Information for
Jericho Creek Farms



2016 Stud Fees for all stallions: $650.00
Live Foal Guarantee
Multiple Mare discount $100 off
per mare
Shipped semen or AI on the farm for all stallions.

Mare Care:
$8.00 per day
$10.00 per day with foal


Our IN-UTERO SALES PROGRAM was developed to allow you to purchase a top quality foal for a very affordable price.  For those on the tightest of budgets, we offer you a chance to be a breeder without owning any horses of your own, by using the horses we have chosen to be part of our permanent breeding stock.  We have been breeding quality horses since 1985 and are proud of the many Morab, Morgan and Arabian foals we have produced, as well as our prize-winning mares and stallions.

Our current in-utero price, depending on the mare chosen, will be between $1000 and $1500.

The price for your in-utero foal includes the stud fee for the stallion you choose, and the lease of the mare for the duration of her pregnancy.  The cost of keeping the mare during her pregnancy is also covered by this fee, which includes extra feed, shots etc.  You will be responsible ONLY for special costs directly related to the pregnancy such as necessary ultrasounds or vet checks for breeding.

You must have half of the in-utero fee paid before we breed the stallion and mare you have chosen, but you may pay the rest in monthly payments during the gestation period, as long as the entire fee is paid before the birth of the foal.  We guarantee a live foal in this contract; a live-foal is one that is alive and nurses for at least 24 hours.

The foal is yours at birth, and you will be responsible for any foal vet bills. You may choose the foal’s name, as long as you use the farm prefix “Jericho’s” in the registered name.  You will need to have a barn name, informal name, chosen for the foal as soon as possible after it is born, as we will be using the foal’s name within days or hours of its birth.

We do charge an extra fee for foaling out the mare of $350; this covers closed circuit tv day and night monitoring, use of a special extra-large foaling stall, extra bedding and special care of the mare, in the weeks/days leading to the birth. To avoid problems, we do everything we can to be physically present when the foal is born; this can mean many nights with very little sleep.

Board for your foal is $75 per month, until it is weaned; we will not wean any foal before three months of age. This monthly fee covers a great deal; as we believe in producing a foal that is loved and loving from birth, we imprint foals at birth and they are handled each day.  We teach them to come to be brushed, haltered, lead, and pick up their feet.  Our foals get lots of attention from everyone who works at the farm, as well as visitors.  We will even expose them to scary things, such as dogs and other things to naturally desensitize them.

We want horses that come eagerly when called, stand to be haltered, and who can be affectionate without intruding on people’s space.  We expect them to stand patiently for short periods, and will allow them to explore our clothes or bodies with their nose, as long as they do not try to bite.  Kisses on their noses or gentle breathing into their nostrils are a usual way we bond with our foals.  We love our foals very much, but we do not tolerate bad habits.  Kicking, biting, rearing or any other dangerous behavior will be strictly reprimanded.

We use gentle, natural training methods on foals, along with lots of praise and love. We place foals with other foals, whenever possible, and make sure they are in a group where they are comfortable and get out every day to play. Mares receive extra grain and minerals during their gestation and while nursing their foals. 


How much deposit must I give with the contract?
The amount of the deposit will vary with the price charged for the use of the mare and stallion. But our policy is that it should be one-half of the in-utero price in the contract, so it would usually be between $500 and $750. The contract also guarantees a live foal. (A live foal is a foal that is normal at birth and nurses for twenty-four hours.)

How do I pay the rest of the purchase price of the foal?
You may make monthly payments during the gestation period of the foal, or you may pay in several large payments, but the entire price must be paid before the foal is born.  So you will design your own payment plan, after the deposit is given.

What other costs are involved in purchasing an In-Utero foal?
There will be no extra costs for the mare during her pregnancy; extra feed, vaccinations etc. are included in the in-utero price.  Any ultrasounds or vet costs strictly related to the breeding, that are necessary to determine whether the mare is pregnant, will be yours.

We charge $350 for monitoring the mare before the foal’s birth and actually foaling-out the mare; this includes the use and 24-hour monitoring of our wireless camera, extra bedding and occupancy of our double foaling stall, as well as any extra handling and care of the mare before the foal is born, as well as imprinting and handling of the foal at birth; this fee is due after the birth of the foal.

Since the foal belongs to you at birth, there will be a vet check fee to test the foal’s IGG levels. There could be an unexpected vet bill if something should happen to the foal; fortunately that is quite unusual and has rarely happened. Some buyers choose to purchase insurance on their foal, which is available after it is a week old, but insurance is entirely up to you and is optional.

Board and care of the foal before weaning is $75 per month, and includes imprinting and handling as explained previously. It also includes special feed and supplements for mares and foals. All foals are treated with the same extra care and special handling, regardless of whether we own them or someone else does.

Can I get the deposit back if I change my mind?
The deposit is to insure that you are a serious buyer BEFORE we breed the stallion and mare you choose, or if you choose a stallion and mare that we have bred.  If other prospective buyers inquire about that mare and foal, we are obligated to turn them away, since you become the owner of the expected in-utero foal at the time the contract is signed and are thus guaranteed that we will not sell the foal to anyone else.  So for these reasons, the deposit is not refundable.

What are the advantages of buying In-Utero?
The much lower price tag and payment options, as well as the chance to be a breeder without investing in expensive breeding stock, make buying in-utero attractive to many buyers.  You do assume some of the risk at an earlier point than if you were buying a weanling or yearling after birth, but you also have the excitement of being directly involved in the breeding and birth of your dream horse!  (We encourage you to come and spend time with your foal as often as you can, while it is still un-weaned.) You will forfeit the ability to choose the gender of your foal, but usually save several thousand dollars compared to the weanling price of our high quality foals.  We are able to offer this much lower price, because we are able to save on promotional/sales expenses in future advertising.

When do you usually wean the foals? 
We usually wean foals between three and four months of age.  The overall condition of the mare and foal will help us decide when the time is right.  We have to do everything we can to be sure the foal is ready for weaning, and that the weaning will be as stress-free as possible.

What if I am not ready for my foal when it is weaned?
We can certainly keep your foal longer if necessary, but there will be reasonable board fees for its care and stalling, as well as any extra training you might desire. Our monthly fees are very reasonable for the quality of care that we offer.

When will I get to see my baby?
You are welcome to come and meet your foal at anytime after it is born, though we do prefer that you let us know you are coming; if circumstances allow, you might even get to see the birth, if you are within driving distance of the farm.  If you can’t come in person, we will do everything we can to video the birth and get photos sent to you regularly in the first days/weeks after the foal’s birth.  We will also include you and your foal in any news articles written about our current foal crop in WISCONSIN HORSEMEN’S NEWS and other equine publications, as well as on our farm website, as you and your foal will definitely be members of the Jericho Creek Farm Family.

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